Responsible Gaming at Babu88

Babu88 strives to provide its players with the most fun, interesting, and most importantly comfortable game. It can be difficult for a person to control his emotions and he may unconsciously make a rash act or lose track of time while playing. has taken various security measures to ensure responsible gaming at its venues. You can find out all the detailed information about addiction symptoms or how to use Babu88’s various restrictions on the company’s website.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

Listed below are various symptoms that a person may experience due to excessive gaming. If you observe a couple of them, then you need to contact a specialist and discuss your problems. Let’s look at these symptoms in more detail:

Having debts due to gambling

Many gamblers, due to their addiction, start to take on debts and ruin their financial lives even more.

Excessive playing time

A person spends almost all his time gambling, not paying attention to the people around him, family and friends. For him, gambling becomes a top priority in life.

Constant stress

A person with addiction may experience constant anxiety and irritability. In the later stages, these emotions can develop into depression and apathy.

Problems in the professional field

A person may become less productive, and this will affect his work. Subsequently, this can lead to reprimands and even dismissal from work.

Precautionary measures

As mentioned above, Babu88 provides its players with all the necessary information about gambling addiction and has developed certain tools to limit players. Let’s take a closer look at these tips:

Setting Limits

You can set limits on the time you spend on the Babu88 platforms. Once you set limits, don’t rush to loosen or lift them, it’s important to stick to them so as not to aggravate the situation.

Amount spent limit

You can also limit the amount you can spend in a given period of time. You will be able to deposit the amount of your choice, with an additional deposit equal to any amount withdrawn during this period. If you set a weekly budget of €50 and withdraw €100 in the same week, you can deposit a total of €150.

Account login restriction

You can limit the number of hours you can log into your account. As soon as the limit is reached, you will be automatically logged out and all games will be paused or running in the background.

Take breaks

It is very important to take breaks during games. It can be either a few minutes or some longer time. In your Babu88 account settings, you can temporarily freeze your account and come back later. You can suspend your account for up to 6 months. After that, your page can be reopened. If you have any questions, you can always consult Babu88 support. Please note that during the account freeze, Babu88 will not send you any notifications or emails.

Professional support service

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is a global service offering free practical advice and psychological support to anyone affected by problem gambling. Gambling Therapy also offers a free app that provides a variety of tools and information to help identify and overcome problem gambling.

Gordon Moody Associates

The Gordon Moody Institute provides high quality counseling, education and innovative treatment support for problem gamblers and those affected by problem gambling through residential, online and outreach services.

Gambler Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a support group of men and women who share their experiences, strengths and hope to solve common problems and help others do the same.


Gamban provides highly effective software that prevents you from accessing gambling sites and online casinos. Helping you prevent gambling sites and apps is easy.


  • Does Babu88 support responsible gaming?

    Of course, Babu88 believes in promoting responsible gaming and is committed to providing its players with a safe and responsible gaming environment. The company offers various tools and features such as deposit limits, betting limits, time limit options, self-exclusion periods, reality checks and more to help its players to control their gaming activities.

  • How to set up responsible gaming features on Babu88?

    Setting up responsible gaming tools and features is easy. Simply visit the Responsible Gaming page, select the feature you would like to use, indicate how much you would like to limit your deposits/bets, or enter a specific period of time you would like to self-exclude and confirm your selection.

  • What is a deposit limit?

    The deposit limit allows you to set the maximum amount of money you can deposit into your account within a certain period of time. This helps ensure that you never spend more than you are comfortable with.