Babu88 General Terms and Conditions 

The Betting Company enables users to place wagers on sports and other events, subject to adherence to pre-existing regulations. As a bettor, it is your responsibility to be acquainted with and accept these rules.

To enjoy the services, you must provide accurate and up-to-date Personal Information. Any changes to your details must also be updated promptly. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to request documents that can verify your name and address.

If you are uncertain about the accuracy of the information you provide, please contact your credit card issuing bank. Mismatches may bar you from depositing or withdrawing funds or possibly even attract a penalty.

The Company may refuse registration without warning if any misleading information is suspected. In such cases, the Company must demand proof such as government-issued identification, social security, or birthdate. This is necessary to ensure that your true identity is reflected in the account you create.

The Company reserves the right to modify and add to the current regulations, applicable payout procedures, and other aspects of the services, without individual notification. All existing bets remain unaffected, while any made after such changes are subject to them.

Bank account opening and fund deposits are performed in accordance with the regulations. Payouts follow the applicable guidelines.

Clients must maintain the confidentiality and security of their passwords and account information. Unauthorized disclosure to third parties does not attract any liability on the Company’s part. Operations undertaken through login and account details are considered legitimate up to the available account balance. In case of data compromise or other security concerns, clients can contact the administrator to request password alteration.

The Company is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from using the website or its contents.

Account Registration 

Before using the Website or participating in any Game, you must register an Account by filling out and submitting the registration form with all mandatory information. Please note that you may only register one (1) Account and that Accounts sharing household, email, telephone number, IP address, or computer will be considered as belonging to the same person. You must create your own Account and not allow anyone else to use it or create one on their behalf. Additionally, you may not transfer or assign your Account to anyone else.

The Company reserves the right to refuse Your request to open an Account for any reason at its discretion.

By creating an Account, you represent and warrant that: 

  • You have read the T&C (including any supplementary documents), you understand and agree to be governed by them. 
  • You certify that you are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction to participate in the Games offered by the Website. 
  • You attest that your personal status does not preclude your use of the Website and you will not violate any law, regulation, or rule applicable to you. 
  • You will be solely and exclusively responsible for ensuring that your use of the Website and participation in Games does not breach any laws or regulations. 
  • You understand that you assume the risk of losing any money paid for participating in the Games.
  • It is prohibited to use the Website and the Account for any financial or professional purpose, but for personal, non-professional recreational, and entertainment purposes only. 
  • By deciding to place a bet, stake, or wager, you attest and guarantee that you possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding your participation in the Game.

The Company reserves the right to withhold all monies from Your Account balance to indemnify the damages and losses resulting from Your breach of the above representations and warranties. This right does not restrict the Company from further claims for damages and losses not covered by the withheld amount.

Deposit And Withdrawal Of Funds

To commence betting, you first need to deposit funds. By depositing these funds, you are affirming that they are free from illegality and do not stem from any illegal activities or sources. In addition, you agree that any payments credited to your account are authorized and that you won’t attempt to reverse any of these transactions; you also agree that you will not evade any liability by prompting a third party to get involved. Furthermore, kindly note that the Company reserves the right to investigate all transactions to prevent money laundering, and any suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities.


This Privacy Policy governs all transactions of information sent and received by the Company. You authorize the Company to verify your identity and credentials with third-party providers of information, using any necessary means at the Company’s disposal. Periodically, the Company may contact you to inquire about promotional activities if you win large sums of money or place unusually successful bets. If you accept, the Company may use your name and/or image as required.

Anti-Fraud Policy

To ensure fair play, the Company employs various anti-fraud tools and techniques such as detecting fraudulent actions that exceed applicable limits and restrictions. Examples of such practices are strategies aimed at gaining unfair game results and participating in any kind of collusion with other users/players. Additionally, fraudulent actions or any other unlawful activities against other online gaming operators or payment service providers are prohibited.

  • Creating more than one account by an individual or playing from a single account by more than one person is strictly forbidden. 
  • Moreover, connecting to the website through VPN or similar tools and providing misleading information or documents will not be tolerated.
  • Taking unfair advantage of any bonus offers, promotions, or loyalty programs available on the website is also strictly prohibited.
  • Similarly, any deposit made without the intention to use it for the permitted purpose, chargeback transactions with a credit card, or denial of some payments made are considered fraudulent actions. 
  • Additionally, the gaming account is suspected of activities related to money laundering or other fraudulent activities, or making irregular (unusual) transactions activity, and it is strictly prohibited. 

Finally, the Company reserves the right to determine other types of cheating and unfair game and take necessary punitive actions.